How to Earn

Extra Rice Store is an online platform where customers can buy, resell, promote and deliver rice products and more

extra easy ways to earn



Sell anywhere online 

find customers online and don’t worry about the logistics. we provide delivery delivered at your customers doorstep 


Earn everyday

By promoting the website you can earn every day. Every affiliate account registered you will earn every transaction they make
extra points

Unlimited opportunity 

We give credit points to our loyal customers. we are also giving away coupons and discounts everyweek  


Build your own Brand

You can start your own rice store anywhere. We help you build and grow your business. We have a team of experts in digital marketing that helps you in your business

Our Perks

What Will You Receive?

Extra gift and perks awaits to you by registering with us

Big Discounts

By registering with us, you can avail of discounts on the rice you buy or resell.

Free digital marketing

We will be hands-on in guiding you to promote the rice products you buy or resell

Delivery Service

You will not anymore worry about how to deliver the rice to your customers. We will be the one to do it for you


how to register
Go to the register tab and fill out the form. after registration, within the day our representative will call you and explain all the details.
Can i buy Items, Even I'm not registered?
YES. you could buy products on the website.
difference between registered and not?
if you’re not registered, you cant access the big discount and other perks of being registered
how many days my order will be delivered?
it takes 1-7 days to deliver your order.
do you have a refund policy?
yes. we do refunds. we need to weigh your product and refund what is left with the product.

Order now

Deliver rice at your door steps with out a hassel, discounts and promos always waiting for you

Earn While your at home

We are giving the biggest discout of rice if youre a member of extra rice. sell any where any time with the use of internet